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My brother John is a really smart kid, and always has been. I still him a kid because he is my baby brother, and always will be, even though he does have a few kids of his own now. Even though he was two years younger than me, he would always be the one to help me out with my homework and not the other way around. I was in high school, he was in middle, and I would be the one asking him math questions! I hear some folks say he squandered his gift, because instead of becoming a doctor or a lawyer or a scientist, he got into the HVAC industry. To me, this is not squandering his gift at all, because his HVAC company makes him a lot more than being a doctor ever could. Of course there is more to life than money,which is the other reason working with heating and cooling repairs is a better choice for a family man. When you are a doctor, you are on call for emergencies and have to work all manner of hours, but as an HVAC contractor you can set your own hours. I think my brother is the smartest person I know, which is why I hitched my wagon to his horse and got into the HVAC business myself. I got my certification in heating and cooling repair, just so I could get a job working for him. I’ll be honest, his HVAC shop pays me much better than any other job I have ever had.

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