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I have always been the person who is on top of it all & takes care of everything within the house, and for example I am always taking care of the dishes, of vacuuming, & all other household things. In return, our hubby has always been in charge of dealing with the more technical things such as fixing the plumbing & taking care of the heating & cooling system, however Last year he he had disfigured his foot while at job & wasn’t able to do much at all around the house, however between him being in pain & annoyed & me trying to re adjust our families schedule, we forgot to maintain our upkeep with our heating & cooling unit. Here in the midwest, if you don’t have an Heating & A/C repair tech or somebody else make sure to clean out & patch up an old heating & cooling unit, mold & other gross particles can start to show up. That’s exactly what our hubby found out after his foot finally healed & he was able to start doing his normal duties. It was a enjoyable amount of built up dirt, mold & bacteria, so our hubby called the local Heating & A/C company to see if they had any solutions to make sure this doesn’t happen again. The repairman who they sent out was a genuinely nice guy & he went along to show us a more efficient way to wash out the component so we wouldn’t have to maintain it so often & it would be less time consuming. I guess it was a blessing in disguise that we had run into the mold problem, because now we think how to take much better care of our heating & cooling unit!

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