I’m glad the air conditioner works

 Everybody knows how much I enjoy shopping. That seldom means that I buy anything, since I am frequently broke on my shopping expeditions! Just gazing at display windows, maybe going into the store to try on some pants, is much like therapy when I am blue. Of course, being able to purchase a few things does even more to improve my mood! Being in contact with people who are happily tendering fine currency in exchange for for beautiful things, can be a terrible mood spoiler when you have no money.

          A few days ago, I was window shopping when I ended up inside a Heating and A/C store. I suppose my subconscious mind led me there, since the Heating and A/C in our house is too old to do a good job.. That cooling system component was there before some of us were born and most of us are now middle aged. The air quality our cooling system component delivers is just not good enough. Secondly, the loud noises it makes would be hilarious, were they not so fearsome. So we need a modern Heating and AC component and that is the truth.

       I walked casually around the store, observing the wide variety of  mini splits, central air conditioning & smart thermostats. They were as attractive as they were pricey. When a store employee asked if he could help, I told him that though we needed a new Heating and A/C component, we could not afford one. Immediately, he mentioned financing the purchase of an Heating and A/C plan and that sounded great.    

        Finally, we will be able to get rid of our old Heating and AC unit.

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