The house ac is super old

Every summer for the last ten years my siblings and I always meet up at the same place at the same time! The location is the little seaside bungalow we used to visit as kids, and every one of us always loved it so much back in the day my folks had ended up buying it as a retirement spot. Since then they have passed on, my siblings and I always gather on the weekend of their birthday to celebrate in their lives , and it is always an amazing party, filled with affectionate memories and stories and also a bit of wine. Last summer was a hot one, and the very old air conditioning unit at the bungalow had stopped working. It was not cheap to get a replacement air conditioner, especially at such short notice, but we all pooled our money to make it happen, and no matter how nice the view was, if the place wasn’t air conditioned there would be no way to enjoy ourselves. We were lucky to find a locally owned air conditioning company, who said they could sell us a refurbished air conditioner unit. This was not the best AC on the market, and in fact it wasn’t even the best when it was new seven years ago… On the other hand, it would only cost 10 percent of what a full central HVAC upgrade was going to cost us. It seemed like the easy call to buy the cheaper air conditioner and few box fans, and just make it work. It was better than having no air conditioner at all.

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