Setting up my own HVAC shop

As an adult my views have shifted a lot, and I have a policy of not talking about religion or politics, all it does it stir up problems that should ever have been started, however you vote your way I will vote mine, and in the meantime let’s be neighbors and act cordially to one another. I say that as a gentleman, a husband, a father, and a company owner, one reason to avoid those subjects is that I don’t want to alienate any potential clients,because a small company is always a risky venture! Making people mad about this politician or that issue might keep someone away from our HVAC company, however red or blue, democrat or republican, we all have a lot more in common than we have differences, and that includes needing a nice furnace for the winters and a nice air conditioner for the summers. My HVAC company offers patrons home solutions for people who need to keep their houses temperature regulated, however don’t want to pay immense prices for it. I sell a lot of space heaters, because they are extremely efficient, and can keep an entire room warm for long periods of time! There are fewer possibilities when it comes to low cost cooling, however I  have done pretty well with selling old refurbished box units. These big seasoned chunks of metal are nothing to look at, admittedly, however they will cool down an entire room and cost only a fraction of a central air conditioning system. Keep me in mind the next time you have A/C complications.

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