Adding HVAC to the barn

My fiance and I thought it would be rustic and appealing to renovate the old barn in the back of our property and convert it into a little house… She inherited this property some time ago, you see, and its most empty farmlands and scrub woods, but there is a sturdy two story barn near the far edge of the property line, but it would need a lot of work. The bones of the location were so solid, and the paneling so lovely even after so many decades, we decided to take a chance on it! The structure was built before a/c was a commonly known invention, but to be honest it might not have mattered. It is a barn after all, would anyone have tried to make it flexible for an HVAC system even if they could? Before we could put in an a/c we needed to put some insulation in the walls, then before we could put in insulation we needed to patch up the walls and make contained rooms capable of holding a/c. There is a reason people don’t set an a/c on their back porch, you need to have a contained section for that cooling or it just goes out into the world. This location needed a few weeks or work just to make it secure enough to even try and bring in a cooling system… We finally decided to try and secure the rooms on the second floor, and then I would try using small portable A/C units for each room and see how it goes.

HVAC tune up

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