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Getting Your HVAC System Completely Ready for Winter

Did you guess that half of the heating-related fires in homes are reported in the months of December, November, plus January? Although this sounds alarming, the fires can easily be prevented. Hiring a qualified HVAC specialist to install your heating device as properly recommended by the manufacturer plus according to the local codes is a great first step.

Getting your HVAC system ready for wintertime will prevent fire incidents, prolong the life of your air conditioner plus heating equipment, plus ensure you stay warm throughout the chilly season.

The following tips will help your HVAC equipment remain in tip-top condition while still in winter weather:

Remember to Turn Your Furnace On Before Peak Cold Weather

There are a number of things that might cause your furnace to malfunction such as stray critters like squirrels getting stuck in the ventilation systems; so as such, it’s advisable to turn the furnace on more than several times while the weather is still mild, because you wouldn’t want to turn your furnace on a chilly wintertime afternoon only to realize it isn’t working at all.

Always Remember to Visually Inspect the Furnace

It doesn’t matter where your furnace is —in the closet, attic, or even your garage. You should conduct an inspection before and during the heating season correctly.

If your furnace is in a hard to reach area such as the attic, you should contact an HVAC specialist to carry out the inspection safely for you.

Make sure that there is at least a 3-foot clearance around the furnace on all sides, and remove items that might be blocking it, because the furnace shouldn’t be congested by anything which might reduce airflow or cause it to not operate respectfully, like cut down.

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