Crazy Heat in Our Car

I was always on of those teenagers who said I would never own a minivan when I had kids. Of course, I now have three kids and drive a minivan. I literally hate the looks of minivans, but they are just too practical to ignore. My dislike for our minivan grew as it seemed to have problem after problem. Although it only had 50,000 miles on it when we bought it, we ended up having to replace the transmission in the first year of owning it. It ran well for about two years, and then our heater started acting up one day. I noticed that I wasn’t able to adjust the blower. My husband was on a two week long business trip, and I didn’t want to spend the money to go to the dealership to get it checked out, so I decided to search online to try and figure out the problem. The blower wasn’t turning off when I turned the car off either, so that meant if I didn’t fix the problem within the day, I would run the car battery dead. We had to make two other trips that day to football games for my kids, and the car got so hot. The heater was either on full blast or completely off. I finally broke down and called a friend of mine from high school who is a HVAC technician. Although he didn’t usually work with cars, he figured out that I had a bad receptacle and fixed the issue. I am so glad that the crazy heater is no longer stuck on full blast!

heater system

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