It got so crowded

Just like me, some people just  ignore commercials. However, there are still some who watch, listen and take them seriously. After all, much time, talent and cash are invested in most of these advertisement. The whole intention is to attract consumers to the featured product or service. So when a  brand, new automobile at  a superb price is featured, for instance, the automobile dealer’s sole aim is to get as many persons as possible, to be so in love with that deal, that they will stop whatever they are doing and head to the dealership. Commercials are made to impress, excite, and eventually lead to purchasing.This reminds me of a TV commercial I saw a few weeks ago.

          An elderly guy in a nursing home had asthma, and he was experiencing serious breathing issues. The A/C system at that institution had quit without warning and there was no backup service. Technicians, dressed in white suits and masks like doctors, were gathered round the Heating & Air Conditioning unit, trying to get it to work. The monitor showed the man’s vital signs at a critically low level. All the medical staff were scared, begging the technicians who were really trying, to please get the Heating & Air Conditioning going. Then, shortly before the guy stopped breathing altogether, he was taken to his own home where the Heating & Air Conditioning unit was working perfectly.

            In seconds, the old guy was breathing normally again, due to the good air quality supplied by a reliable Heating & Air Conditioning unit.

heating system 

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