Complaining about the cold

With a deep freeze currently underway, people are rallying to support the homeless.  Churches are unlocking their doors to supply the people access to warmth throughout the duration.  There are various hospitals that have added beds in the lobbies, so some people have the ability for warmth.  It is such an amazing thing they are trying to do, but it is only a temporary fix. There should be homes built that supply the ability to come in from the cold & have a hot location to sleep, all year round.  It could be adore a boarding house, or a halfway house, but for the homeless. With so various Heating & Air Conditioning companies in our area, it would be possible to get one of the older hotels reopened. The Heating & Air Conditioning companies could get together & install a good gas furnace.  Instead of putting cots in one big room, the people could retain their dignity & have some privacy in their own rooms. There would be plenty of heating to keep them hot & safe. Then I know about the older people who are in their homes. Many can not afford to have heating in their homes. They have small space heating systems to keep them warmth because of not getting raises in their Social Security.  A 2% raise in their checks does not come close to the raises there has been in food, medications, & housing. It makes myself and others think guilty, residing in a perfectly heated home, & complaining about being cold. Maybe I could start a campaign to get every human being to supply a hot location to all the people without out. There would be no one sleeping on the streets.

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