I did well on the test

 Not much makes me as agitated as a test does. Blood tests, written tests, driving tests – they all make me severely on edge. The great thing is that if you are adequately prepared for a written test, it is not as scary as if you are not.. If you know all the answers to the questions before you, you feel very fortunate.. Before the exam is even over, you may find yourself smiling happily. Why? You know you passed that test.

           We had our final exams in the college auditorium last month.. I was doing a paper on my favourite subject – History. The morning was warm but the Heating and Air Conditioning device was doing a fine job of keeping us cool. The ancillary staff are efficient at keeping the grounds and equipment, including the Heating plus Air Conditioning system, functioning well. We got forty questions to answer. I was at number twenty-seven when a buzzing sound broke the silence in the room. Everybody ignored it and kept writing, till we felt the change in the temperature. When a Heating & Air Conditioning plan is really old, not even servicing can keep it going.

           The invigilator tried to re-adjust the temperature control, but  gave up after a time. By then everybody was very hot! Doors and windows were opened, but that barely made a difference. The heat was on, in every sense! But, I was too into this paper which I was finding so doable, to mind much. I finished before the time ran and used my answer sheet to fan myself.

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