Freon levels are messed up

When I purchased our considerably expensive a/c, I fully expected it to work, not just adequately, however better than any run-of-the-mill system that I could have purchased for less… What I came to understand is that no matter how costly or expensive, a/cs need proper repair in addition to upkeep to continue to be able to perform their jobs well. I knew our part, at least. I would respectfully change the air filters in addition to make sure that the outside units were clear of debris. Sometimes however, troubles require a professional. That is why I have standard repair done on our unit. That said, it had been a nice long while since I had an Heating in addition to A/C check up, when I started to notice that the cool air coming from our a/c vents was start to wane; Even when the thermostat was set considerably low, it seemed that the undefined could not reach those low temperatures anymore. I knew it wasn’t the air filter in addition to I knew it was not a faulty thermostat. The problem was start to tick me off until I learn about something else that I could do to assess the problem. I went to go examine the condenser. Specifically, the 2 copper lines that go into it. I had learn that the larger of the 2 lines was supposed to be freezing to the touch in addition to covered in sweat if there was enough refrigerant. I saw in addition to felt that the copper line was not nearly as freezing as it should be in addition to there was barely any condensation. It was clearly time to call out an Heating in addition to A/C supplier to replenish the refrigerant in the system or repair the components involved with the refrigerant.

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