Airport HVAC

My experiences with airports as well as flying is always a weather conditions control nightmare. First off, the airport terminal is always absurdly frigid, regardless of the time of year or the weather outside. That’s just a general rule that I’ve come to fully expect, however it sure can be terrible in the wintertime, when you walk in from below frigid temperatures as well as hardly get any relief from their Heating as well as A/C system. From there, you go from a frigid terminal to a cold airplane with entirely  bad air quality. The cold, dry air that always feels so icky as well as full of germs always manages to get me sick to varying degrees when I fly. I have read articles that say that airplane air is genuinely a lot cleaner than people think, however what difference does it make when I end up getting sick, regardless? I know there is only so many ways to keep 1 comfortable as well as germ-free when you are flying around in an aluminum tube with a whole bunch of other people 30,000 feet in the air. In the end, when the flight is over, this just makes me want to rush away from the airport as well as find a nice, comfortable hotel where I could set the temperature as well as humidity level to whatever I want. After all, I need a comfortable hotel room to help me get over the jet lag that I often experience on supplier trips. In the end, I hate the entire flying experience because of how frigid the terminal as well as the airplane is, as well as how sick I get afterwards!

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