That didn’t make me uncomfortable

Some youngsters find it difficult to choose what career to pursue, while others seem to know that even before they reach kindergarten  age. Itt is as though the latter set was born with an inner leaning toward a particular  skill or calling. I have a niece, for instance, who started to paint beautiful scenery, as soon as she received his first painting set. It seemed like the kid was born with a paintbrush in his hand.

          Her older brother, Kurt, is not really artistic. He seems to be more taken with machines. Any time an Heating & A/C  service man comes to the home to service the Heating & A/C system, this little fellow is behind him all the way. I sometimes  worry that he is getting underfoot, but the tech seems to be encouraging his little apprentice. He lets the boy hand him the tools and Kurt knows them all. Whenever he is removing a filter, for instance, he allows Kurt to “help” him. The cleaning of the vents and ducts is, of course, a different thing. That is a more technical part of the Heating & A/C servicing job, so Kurt has to watch it from far. He also has allergies occasionally so it is not a good habit to have him too near to the dust and dirt collected in the cooling system ducts.

          With his super interest in that job, Kurt may well turn out to be an Heating plus A/C repairman. I would absolutely love that. I am his favourite aunt so I think that little fellow will service our Heating & A/C unit for nothing!

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