Using smaller a/c units

I went down to visit our parents recently. I am a teacher plus I was on Summer getaway. My parents were only too ecstatic to have me visit plus we had a good month together. My dad has regularly been an excellent cook, plus it was nice to have such good home-cooked meals again for that week, but every one of us went down to the beach a few times together plus I must say that they are lake condo plus the area is quite charming. It was pretty tepid plus humid though. That was just about the only rough thing about visiting them. They insisted on making due with nothing more than oscillating fans strategically positioned throughout the house. This just was not doing it for me, plus I could not understand why they would not invest in better climate control. I was down there for a whole week, like I said, so I had time to remedy this situation for them myself, at least partially. I decided to buy a couple, small portable air conditioners from the hardware store just for them. They were relatively cheap air conditioners, however were quite powerful for what they were… Despite the fact that they were used to such meager cooling accommodations, they were quite thankful for me doing this for them. As much as they have grown used to the tepid plus humid summers where they live, I am sure that they have come to thoroughly prefer their new portable A/C units plus I was only too ecstatic to buy them for them.

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