Big HVAC problem

My husband and I installed a modern Heating and cooling system about two years ago. We took the extra  time to choose a top-quality unit, because we really wanted our home to feel as comfortable as possible, all year round. Once everything was installed and we were able to adjust the powerful Heating and A/C equipment to our preference, we were totally satisfied with the results. As perfect as the modern HVAC system was at the start, we should have done more to make sure it effectively  well-maintained. My husband and I were well aware of the importance of changing out the air filters, and we made sure to take care of this every couple of months. However, we put off essential professional maintenance for far too long. As I said, we bought the Heating and cooling system only two years ago, and for all that time, we never once called out an HVAC professional to clean and tune up the Heating and A/C unit. Sure enough, my husband and I recently began having complications with our heating system. Its capacity to heat the home was getting worse and worse,  until one night, he and I noticed that there was very little heat coming from the vents. At this point, we regretted that we had completely neglected to do any form of maintenance on the HVAC system. My husband and I were forced to wait another day in the bitter cold before an HVAC contractor was available to come to our house. In the end, the repairs that were necessary were extremely costly and the technician informed us that the problems could have been easily avoided if we’d taken care of the maintenance every year.

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