Experiencing the greatness that is heated floors

I will never forget the first time I got be in a house with radiant radiant floors. I was going to see a friend up north that I had not seen in a long time. The last time that I saw her was in college and that was ten years ago or so. Since then, she had done pretty well for herself and had become a top-notch lawyer. As you would expect, her locale was pretty nice. She had 1 of those smart homes where several appliances that you wouldn’t even expect to need it were “smart.” It was pretty fun and interesting getting up in the day and going to the lavatory to brush my teeth, only to see the local weather forecast and some top headlines appearing in the mirror! However, there was something else even more incredible to myself and others that I discovered waking up that first day at her domicile. It had been unquestionably cold the night before, so I fully was expecting a chilly floor to attack my bare feet after getting out of bed. Quite the opposite was true. The floor was sizzling and toasty and felt like a warm blanket under my toes. It felt so superb that I just sat there for a moment allowing my feet soak up the warmth. I eventually came to the conclusion that her gas furnace was radiating heat from beneath the floorboards. I do not recognize why I hadn’t ever encountered heated floors before, and just from that experience, I desperately coveted radiant heated flooring in my own home. All of the smart technology and the size of her condo was incredible, however I can live without all of that, what I entirely felt that I just really needed, was those delightful heated floors!

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