We can’t stop yelling

My husband as well as I seem to have the same argument every single season. There are many projects around our home on any given week. But, there is something in particular that we always happen to disagree on. That would be Heating, Ventilation and A/C repair. When all of us first had the Heating, Ventilation and A/C device installed into our home, the serviceman told us that it was in our best interest to get the system maintenance package. Well, my husband is adamant about not spending any more money on any extras at all! Whether it be for the home as well as an appliance warranty for the insurance on a travel package, he always says no! Seriously, we can’t even go for any extras on our car! The serviceman warned us that it could cost us so much more money in emergency repairs on our heating as well as A/C device if anything went wrong. They easily charge double within the high seasons, when everyone would be using their HVAC devices non-stop. He simply would not even budge an inch on this topic… Honestly, it was clear that this was an accident waiting to happen. Sure enough, the worst blizzard on record blew through our town just the other week. They were warning us for over a week, as everyone in town stocked up their houses for the worst scenario. We were totally prepared with food as well as water. But, all of us were not prepared in terms of the heating device. It crashed as well as burned and it was spine-chilling. Unfortunately, we had to brave the blizzard to walk a mile to the next farm over for our safety… Needless to say, he changed his ways in the future.

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