Had to learn how to turn on a heater

I remember the humid Summer days of my hometown rather fondly. The two of us would have barbecue suppers and light bonfires and go fishing and a generally have a superb old time. Dealing with the heat was just what we did. I easily did not mind soaking up the sun all that much. Having thermostat readings between the 71s and the 90s all throughout the year was just something that I was accustomed to. I recognize that some people cannot imagine living in such extremes, but now that I am living much farther up north, I can truthfully say that I would totally enjoy a brutal heat wave over the drastic chilly that all of us experience. I will admit that seeing snowfall was quite fun and interesting….for all of a few days. Then it kept falling and falling and eventually it became a real pain in the neck. Not to mention the fact that I barely enjoyed any understanding of how to drive in it at first. Boy let myself and others tell you if I did not have enough experience with a gas furnace before when I was living down south I sure do at this point in time. It was 1 of the first things I made sure I was well-acquainted with for my new life in the great white north. I remember the first few days of Winter time I had to endure, I was thinking there was something seriously wrong with my gas furnace. I could not get it to turn on for tanything and others and I thought I was going to freeze to death! I called out an Heating and A/C specialist and then I felt quite ignorant. It turned out that the pilot light had simply gone out and the heating and a/c tech merely lit it up again in no time. Thankfully, she did not charge myself and others for the furnace service call.

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