A pleasant surprise with portable a/c

Very few of years ago, my kid gave myself and others a portable air conditioning for mother’s day.  I live in the far north of the country, where the Wintertide weather lasts for the majority of the year.  By necessity, my current home is equipped with a powerful furnace, and I spend a fortune on natural gas bills.  When the weather finally warms up, I’m constantly eager to open the windows and get some fresh air into the house.  I look forward to much lower energy costs and have never considered a central cooling system. I’ve constantly managed to get by with a bunch of electric fans.  The summer time season is usually quite brief. However, the two of us do suffer intense heat and high humidity, and my current home often gets sizzling and sticky.  I was amazed by how suddenly my kid installed the air conditioning into the window, plugged it in and started it up. Even more surprising was how suddenly the air conditioning cooled down the master bedroom.  Within a few hours, the room was perfectly comfortable. I appreciate that the air conditioning circulates and filters the air, keeping the bedroom cleaner and feeling fresh. Plus, it features a wireless remote so that I can make adjustments without ever getting out of bed.  The air conditioning allows myself and others to set the temperature, fan speed, and even humidity levels. It is so lightweight that it’s no problem for myself and others to put it in and out of the window every year. I so like the air conditioning, that I properly install it right after the snow melts in early Springtime, and I leave it in locale until the unquestionably end of fall.  

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