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I have really been dedicated to researching this month. Yes, I am a total research nerd. I never jump into any kind of sizable house purchase, without a significant amount of research ahead of time. After all, research is our friend. If you walk into a sizable purchase knowing all that you can possibly know, then there will be no surprises later on… Well, that is the idea! Recently, I have found myself in the depths of researching heating and A/C devices. I was shocked to study so many bizarre articles on the disadvantages and positives that can come up when purchasing a current Heating and A/C device… There are many current apps and it was hard for me to take them all in. I am a minimalist at heart. So, do I really need a Smart App that can monitor my heating and cooling device usage 24/7? Will I really ever find a need to turn on our air conditioning from my phone when I am not home? Then there is the Zone Control… Call me crazy, but having different temperatures in various areas of the lake house seems a bit excessive! Whatever happened to the simplicity of opening a window. I was actually starting to reconsider the entire need for a Heating and A/C appliance at all. Oh, here is the real clincher. Radiant Floor Heat. Apparently, you can install pipes into your floors and have heat piped up so that your feet can remain toasty all of the time. This was just over the top for me! I mean, really, would someone really get a heating app just to have perfectly heated toes?!

heating and A/C 

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