Buying something for my air quality

Most young people firmly believe that buying a low cost air conditioner when moving into their first house or home is a good idea, but looking back on that decision, I regret choosing to do so. My roommates and I were super uncomfortable for the entire year. Not to mention, our health was hindered as well because with low grade air conditioning units, bad air quality comes with it. After a while, our air conditioning component was having a hard time purifying the air that was coming into the house and the air quality in our home was just as terrible as if you were living in an abandoned building! There was dirt and other harmful bacteria in the air along with it not easily being cool and comfortable, then my roommate and I almost never fall ill, however after a few weeks of living in the home we were both sick. When we both fell ill, we finally said that enough was enough and we went out and got a state of the air air conditioning unit. We had to ask our parents to lend us a little extra money, however we promised to repay them all back in a few weeks. With this state of the art air conditioning unit, we are always cooled off and always breathing in fresh air, then there is an air purifying component installed inside of it, so the air is always fresh and healthy. Now that we have this modern cooling system unit, we are thrilled to be comfortable and healthy again.

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