Did not have a/c at all

Growing up in a entirely  remote area of the southern area of the country, I was born & raised in an old school lifestyle! My family didn’t have any fancy televisions or gaming consoles like other people did… My parents thought those types of luxuries just ruined work ethic & were a waste of money in general. When I went to my first slumber party, I was finally exposed to everything that I was missing out on! It was my friend’s birthday party, but I was introduced to so many new things that it felt like my birthday! From video games to junk food, I was experiencing all the modern luxuries for the first time. Having access to air conditioning was a complete game changer. At my house, we did not have an a/c machine unit. I didn’t even realize that others had air conditioners until my friend explained to me what it was & how it worked. I was so amazed at all of the fresh & cool air floating out of this quiet & compact unit. By the time it was the next morning & I was supposed to go back to our house, I was determined to convince our parents to make the update to an a/c unit. I tried & tried for weeks, however they were not caving in. I was forced to endure the rest of my childhood & teenage years without any cool air at our house, however now that I am a full grown adult, I have a state of the art a/c machine in our cabin along with all the other bells & whistles. I am able to have all of these nice things thanks to the amazing job that I have had for the past several years. I believe my parents were wrong about a/c machine units killing your work ethic!

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