The windows are all tight

I think that the fall season is the best time of year. In the region where I live, the warm seasons tend to be particularly hot and humid. There are a ton of bugs and pollen flying around. It is necessary to keep the windows closed plus run the air conditioner. Anytime I step outside, I end up getting uncomfortably warm very fast.. Our Wintertime season is equally as severe, with frigid temperatures well below zero, bitter windchill plus tons of snow. Every one of us rely on the furnace for approximately six months straight.  It is necessary to bundle up in layers of jackets, s nice wool coat, and heavy boots to step outside. While I look forward to Springtime, it is typically short, cold and wet. Very rarely can I shut down the furnace, and it seems that as soon as I no longer need the furnace, it’s time to start the air conditioner. In the fall, however, we finally get some milder weather and can do without heating or cooling for a couple of months. I look forward to a break from ridiculously high energy bills.  I am gleeful when I can finally open the windows and allows some fresh air inside. When the air conditioner or furnace are running, I need to be really conscious of energy usage. I do everything possible to prevent the heated or cooled air from escaping outdoors. This means keeping the windows shut and sealing up any crack or leak.  With no influx of fresh air, the house can become horribly stale and stuffy. I have considered investing in a ventilation system to improve indoor air quality.  

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