The weather is crazy

This year, we have been witnessing record rainfall in our area. I moved this far south to be able to truly enjoy the ever constant sun and warmth. Instead, we are seeing rain and hurricanes on a constant basis, however the humidity is wreaking havoc on my hair, not to mention our dwelling. The worst thing about this ridiculous weather is the constant humidity and unbearable heat. It wouldn’t be so poor if you could be outside, but, we consistently find ourselves sitting in an air conditioned apartment for the whole day. Recently, our Heating and Air Conditioning system faced some serious problems. The device is not the most up-to-date, but it has gotten the task done for us for the past decade. Yet, this weather was a major jinx waiting for a disaster to happen. And so it did this week. Whenever I heard the air conditioner start, I then waited for the cool air to start blasting through the vents. On Wednesday, it was another story altogether. I heard the click of the temperature control and I felt the frigid air through the vents as usual. Only what followed was the most foul smell one could hardly stomach. I had no understanding what it was at first. I kept trying to put my finger on it, when my husband walked in the room and said that it smelled like mold… My heart completely sank when I realized the air duct must have been infiltrated with mold in this constant weather craziness. I called the Heating and Air Conditioning supplier in the neighborhood and waited for the inevitable news.

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