I can tell our HVAC system is struggling

I have heard all the horror stories when it comes to menopause, and I have been bracing myself for the worst, while hoping for the best! My mother had emergency surgery after I was born, followed by a hysterectomy. I really had no reference to when I may be experiencing menopause. I just was waiting around for the ticking bomb to hit! Until, one day it just entirely hit me. It was so much worse than I had heard about! It just came at me in full force. I was having these horrible hot flashes like there was no end in sight! The most terrible thing was the fact that we had no air conditioner in our dwelling. It really never got nearly hot enough in our region to warrant installing any type of Heating plus Air Conditioning device. We had used stationary fans plus ceiling fans for the bedroom prior, and this worked just fine for our needs, until today. I told my husband if he wanted to make it through this situation, that he needed to find a solution as soon as possible. He decided to call the local Heating plus Air Conditioning provider for some suggestions. He was unwavering about not installing a full blown system, for what would be needed only for a short while. The Heating plus Air Conditioning serviceman then, surprisingly, told my husband all about Heating plus Air Conditioning rentals. I was quite amazed by this new revelation! You can entirely rent any type of heating plus cooling device, for as long as you needed. This was sure to save us a lot of currency, as well it was going to cool myself and others down plus allow myself and others to be comfortable in an air conditioned environment until this hell was finally over!

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