This road trip did not go well

I thoroughly enjoy road trips! I spent the majority of my twenties simply on the road with no destination or plan in mind. There is just nothing like that freedom of the open road, and I am a pretty easy going man. It takes a lot to really get to me. I just go with the flow plus end up wherever my automobile takes me. This Summer, my sibling begged me to come along on my next unbelievable adventure. I was genuinely hesitant to allow him on this adventure, as he is the opposite of adventure. I just knew he would need the best of the best when it came to hotels plus the automobile we were driving. But, I don’t see him much as he lives across country. I thought this could be really great for our bonding. It started from the start with him always decreasing the heat plus a/c in the car. He just couldn’t leave the temperature control alone. I knew it was a sign of what was to come on this trip. Next, it was our first hotel stop. He wanted to share a room, although I knew that was an impending disaster. I agreed to try it out for just one night. The very moment he walked into the room, he adjusted the temperature control to arctic temperatures. It was an older Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C component plus was genuinely loud. I knew this would have him calling down to the front desk for a Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C supplier. He was so very predictable… When they came up, they explained there was not much they could do other than to change out the air filters. It didn’t do that much to calm the noise, however the air seemed quite a bit cleaner for sure. He would not stop complaining about the noise. From then on, I got my own room.

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