That was quite the disaster

When you stop to think about residing with roommates, what do you feel would be the worst case scenario? Most people think it is residing with messy people, and they actually think that would be the worst issue to contend with. Honestly, that is not even close… It would be sharing utilities. When you are on a narrow budget plus you have to share utilities with roommates, it is the quickest way to get financially destroyed. My new roommates have to be the most thoughtless people I have ever met. Nobody even pays attention to any kind of waste. They turn on the heating system or a/c when the weather doesn’t even warrant needing it on. What is even worse is that they will then leave it running as they leave the dwelling. No one seems to mind in the least, since they all don’t have money complications. I, on the other hand, work hard for my money plus I know how to budget. It just kills me how I am spending money on a/c plus heating when I don’t even need it! So, last week, I secretly installed the Smart App onto the temperature control plus downloaded the App to my iPhone. Now, I can simply monitor the Heating plus A/C bill. But, even better, when someone turns it on plus leaves it on, I can turn it off from my iPhone! It truly is a wonderful alert system. I have been saving a great deal of money since I first installed the app. My roommates don’t even recognize that I am monitoring their heating plus a/c usage.

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