needed a/c in the warehouse

My job is inventory control in a warehouse for a large small parts company.  I know that it sounds boring, and it really is. I made a great salary, however and I do a good job of what I do.  It made me boring, but it pays the bills, and I like the environment in which I work. A lot of the companies don’t have warehouses with HVAC.  You go in and work in whatever temperature Mother Nature throws at you. I am fortunate to be working in a warehouse that has Climate Control. They set the thermostat at a comfortable sixty-eight degrees.  No matter the weather outside, you are always in a good working environment. Without the HVAC, this job would work on your mind and cause you to go a bit crazy. A couple months ago, the air conditioning went out.  It was working when we got to work, but by the time lunch hour arrived, the air conditioning was non-existent. The building is all tin and a bit of insulation in the ceiling and the walls. It didn’t take long for the heat of the sun to heat up the building.  We sweated through two days before the HVAC company arrived to find the problem with the air conditioning. I never thought that inventory control could get much worse than boring until the air conditioning broke down. I was so grateful to finally have the AC working again.  I don’t know if I would do this job if I had to go without the AC for very long.

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