We are so glad there’s heat

This month my brother-in-law had a birthday surprise for me. He was going to take me for a Spa visit… This is not really something that I enjoy! In fact, I had never been to a spa before in the past. The thought of walking around all day in a bathrobe did not sound appealing at all. I don’t enjoy being cold! At my dwelling, I keep my heating device on most of the day and even in the summer months. My partner installed the Zone Control App when both of us were first married… He knew about my unusual body temperature issues. With the Zone Control App, both of us could program customized temperatures into various rooms of the dwelling. I am rather sure this is what is saving our marriage! So, the thought of a spa did make me glad! But, he was so excited to shock me with something I had never done before. And more so, something I would never purchase for myself. I was consistently watching my money. I rarely ever splurged on extras for our dwelling, let alone myself. When both of us got there and undressed into the spa robes, I couldn’t help but notice how sizzling it was on the floors. We had these truly flimsy slippers on, despite the fact that I could really feel an intense heat through the floor. Now, I was definitely curious, so I asked. Apparently, it was this new type of heating called Radiant Floor Heat. It flowed up through the floorboards and remained in the air much longer than traditional heating through air vents. I absolutely loved it! The thought of heat on my toes was pure heaven to me.

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