I love eating fish

Every single year for my son’s birthday, all of us go fishing and then have a giant feast. We usually go out on my aunt’s boat and try to catch as many fish as possible, then all of us invite the rest of the family over and grill the fish on the barbeque! However, this year, my aunt fell terribly ill so she couldn’t take us out on the boat. I wanted to preserve the tradition at least, so I made a decision to run over to the fish store to buy a bunch of different types of fish and have a barbeque and then some cake for my son! However, when I arrived at the fish store, I perceived something was off. There was the most terrible smell in there and it didn’t seem as though the air conditioner was running at all. I mean, it was an honestly hot afternoon so I didn’t expect the locale to be totally cool, and it’s a fish store as well, so of course it’s going to have a bizarre smell. But this week it was a really bad smell. I looked around for a store employee to confirm my suspicions. The store employee said that yep, the air conditioner system had quit on them that afternoon. They were doing the best they could to keep the fish fresh in the freezers and ice chests and it was perfectly safe. There were some fish that had to be thrown away… Without an air conditioner system to keep the locale cooler, the odor was not very pleasant. I didn’t want to be rude, however at that point I couldn’t even bear the thought of eating fish that afternoon, and my child and I decided to reschedule for when my aunt got much better. We all ordered pizza that night for dinner.

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