Fixing my furnace

I think I made a terrible mistake! I wanted to save some money on the replacement of our gas line for our gas furnace system, so I decided to hire a handyman on Craigslist. I usually have favorable outcomes with handymen… They are often undoubtedly experts, quick to do the job, plus don’t charge nearly as much as a Heating plus Air Conditioning corporation, plumber, or a general corporation to do task around our dwelling. I had a handyman repair some of our plumbing recently plus figured that I could hire another to handle the gas line. Then on the phone, I asked the handyman if he knew about gas heating systems plus he said he did. I was sure he would do a great job, but he said he was licensed plus told us there was no need to get a permit of an inspection for this kind of job. The two of us needed a gas line installed to the boiler room plus then to our kitchen, and after the handyman finished the job, I checked the gas furnace plus the gas stove and everything appeared to be okay. Then, my spouse advised that the two of us check for leaks just in case. We instantly found a leak near our oven. The leak was at the connection between the gas furnace piping plus the gas ball valve. I called the handyman to let him know about this although he just didn’t respond. I tried to look up his license number, only to find out it was fake. I definitely screwed up. I called a Heating plus Air Conditioning worker to come take a look at the work plus he found more than 2 other major errors. I am going to report the handyman for fraud. In the meantime, I’m about to be charged a great deal of money by this Heating plus Air Conditioning worker to repair the concerns with our gas furnace.

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