I am loving this air conditioner

The biggest complaint that I had heard from potential purchasers was that their current heating and A/C shop never seemed to respond fast enough to their air conditioner troubles. Then the reality is that no one wants to wait long when the air conditioner in their lake house stops working. This realization allowed myself and others to quickly grow my purchaser base, as I was meeting their demands much faster than they had experienced with any heating and A/C shop before. The issue with the large heating and A/C companies is that they had become too large to the point that they could no longer handle rush requests! My biggest challenge with my 1 hour guarantee was the potential for many air conditioner repair calls to happen within the same 1 to 2   hour window, and if I gained a call while on-site working on someone else’s air conditioner, there would be no way to make it to the potential purchaser within an hour. I also could not afford to hire additional staff to assist myself and others in emergency heating and A/C requests. Thankfully, I had a friend of mine who worked from her beach house and set her own schedule. I enlisted her as my on-call assistant to cover myself and others when I was already on a heating and A/C repair call, and she did not have the knowledge or experience in working on air conditioner, despite the fact that she was a quick learner. I took her with myself and others on a handful of heating and A/C repair calls, plus she was able to fill in for myself and others in a matter of a week. I celebrated my eighth year for my heating and A/C dealer, and I was able to respectfully hire my friend as my first full-time co-worker.

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