I just can’t fix this

I take care of my work from my apartment so I make my own schedule every morning. I get to sleep in whenever I feel like it. I usually get up, start doing some of my work as well as check my emails. Then I typically take a moment to enjoy some coffee, as well as eat breakfast. Then I do some more work and take awhile to exercise. After all of that, I enjoy a light supper. Then I finish up for the day! It’s quite nice actually, however, today my air conditioner appliance was having terrible troubles. I called a Heating as well as A/C specialist although he couldn’t come to the dwelling until the next day. So, I packed up my kindle as well as went to a Starbucks Coffee shop to take advantage of their cooling system. I got there, ordered a cappuccino as well as then set up my kindle. After a few minutes of working, I realized how incredibly cold it was in this Starbucks Coffee shop. I was shivering from the cold. They had their air conditioner entirely cranked up, most likely to make people buy more sizzling beverages. I just couldn’t get my body temperature to warm up! My fingers were so frigid that I could barely type on my kindle. It was so painful. After a couple hours, I could not take it any longer. I packed up as well as went back to my home. My home felt like a sizzling furnace however I did not mind not having a cooling system after that experience. The next morning the Heating as well as A/C specialist came to repair my own cooling system, however I did not turn it on for a long while. I like being in control of my task schedule as well as my heating as well as cooling appliance!

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