Staying home for long periods of time

Winter is one of my favorite seasons. Many people find this surprising since our city faces absolutely arctic Winters… I absolutely love outdoor activities, such as snowball fights, ice skating, and skiing. I also really enjoy being indoors with our loved ones, seeing films together, and relaxing by the fireplace. Everything about this season is kind of magical. Last Winter was different. I felt bothered by the cold weather more than usual. I had a consultation and found that our heating plan was in dire need of updating! Since it was almost the end of the Winter season, I decided to leave the new system in place and upgrade it later when I had the time. Unfortunately, the time never came around. I spent a lot of time traveling that year, so I wasn’t at the house often. I eventually forgot about this necessary upgrade. As Winter was quickly approaching, I was happy to prepare our beach house for the season.  On the first cold night, I turned our furnace on and received an absolutely awful surprise. My furnace started smoking, and quickly I started to panic!  Before I could even turn the plan off, it made an alarming noise and shut down completely. Luckily, my cousin lives down the street, so I called him immediately and he came over. He kindly reminded us all that I was supposed to change it a over year ago, making me so embarrassed. I bashfully called the Heating company that did our inspection last year. Luckily, they were able to come over the very next day, and the same repairman came to our home. He was happy to give us an “I told you so” look. I absolutely learned our lesson this time. I will never push these repairs off again!

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