I always check the weather

I am in the middle of preparing for a big Independence Day Party at my home, but I keep reflecting on last year’s disaster. I want to make sure last year’s gathering does not repeat itself. Last year, I had planned a big gathering and invited the entire city. Unfortunately, it was raining cats and dogs outside and the two of us did not think to rent tents for the gathering. This threw a major wrench into the plans. All of us had to transfer our gathering indoors last hour. We recently replaced our air conditioner system, so the two of us thought it would keep the house cool enough during the muggy weather. But we were so wrong! As more and more people arrived, the temperature continued to rise. The air conditioner just could not combat the rising temperature. It continued to get warmer until the two of us could no longer take it anymore. We all tried opening the windows and turning on a few fans, however it only made the situation worse. This gathering made me really regretful for many reasons. All of us should have ordered a tent and been more prepared for the chance of rain. All of us also should have invested more capital and obtained a stronger air conditioner unit during our recent HVAC replace. Each of us realized at that point that heating and cooling systems are not something you can afford to skimp on. In preparation for this year’s gathering, I checked the weather hourly to make sure that there was no rain on the forecast for this year’s gathering. I also had my air conditioner diagnosed to make sure it was in tip top shape. I’m hoping that our guests have forgotten about last year and can truly enjoy this year’s gathering!

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