We all want some ice cream

My boyfriend was particularly itchy for some ice cream! He kept hinting & nagging at me for us to go out. So I finally gave in & took him to the ice cream parlor. While we were getting our ice cream, we heard a particularly loud bang coming from within the back of the building. Immediately, the cooling plan completely shut off. I heard my boyfriend say, “oh no…” I knew this would be awful news for the ice cream parlor, because they truly couldn’t let their ice cream melt! That would not be good whatsoever. Their manager was instantly running to check the thermostat as well as the HVAC system. He instantly called the HVAC supplier to send out a heating & cooling worker to take care of the problem asap. My boyfriend & I didn’t leave right away because it wasn’t too warm in the locale just yet. The ice cream was keeping us pretty cool by itself, so it was alright for the time being. We were just hanging out & talking there. The staff members seemed to be in a little bit of a panic though. We were actually there long enough to witness the HVAC tech come inside the building & head to where the HVAC component was in the back of the ice cream parlor. We were blissful to see how prompt they were about arriving on the scene. I was saying to my boyfriend that I wished they would respond that abruptly when we needed HVAC assistance. I guess it really just depends on a lot of factors though, like what time of the year it is & how backed up the HVAC supplier is. Nevertheless, you should really get your maintenance done in advance so you don’t have to deal with emergency situations such as this one! For all we knew, these people never changed their air filters on a regular basis.

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