Prank calls are annoying

For about the past month, we have been getting these silly phone calls. Someone constantly calls the house. When either of us pick up, no one says anything. Instead, all we can hear is breathing on the other end. After awhile I started yelling at the guy on the other end to quit calling our number or I would call the police. However, the last time the guy called, as soon as I told them I was calling the police, the power immediately went out. The Heating and A/C system quickly shut down along with the power of course. It was seriously hot outside so it was starting to heat up abruptly without the a/c going… My wife was entirely scared because she felt the power outage was directly related to the prank phone calls both of us were getting daily. I called the police with my cell phone so they came over… We explained the situation and what all was going on. We told them after both of us threatened to call the police, our power abruptly shut off. They investigated everything and found that our power line was really cut. So whoever was calling our phone was literally right outside and cut the power as soon as either of us said we would call the police. We had a repair crew come out the next day to service the power. The investigators were quickly able to find some pieces of hair and a fingerprint right outside where the power line was cut. They ran the DNA and the fingerprint and found the culprit. It was silly because it turned out to be my wife’s ex guy from over 5 years ago. He was legitimately abusive so he had a restraining order on him. It was such a long time ago though that we were surprised he would do that to us. We pressed charges and he was sentenced to be in jail for a long, long time. I was enthusiastic that it was over and we had our A/C system going again.

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