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Is there such a thing as too much of a good thing? I am living proof that there is! Or rather, my brat youngsters are living proof. You constantly want your youngsters to have it better than you, and I have provided them that. However, since they have never experienced a rougher life, they don’t appreciate the conveniences that they have. So maybe by giving my youngsters so much, I’ve turned them into brats. So that’s my fault, I guess, but take for example the convenience of my central heating and cooling system. These youngsters have never known a day in their life where climate control didn’t keep them comfortable. They have enjoyed high indoor air pollen levels, absolute temperature control, and a low level of humidity, and to them this is all normal. They expect to be regulated perfectly with the climate control, they don’t know a life separate from it. When I was a kid, I spent most of the Summers out of doors! Camping and bike riding and swimming, apart from any thought given to kneeling around in the a/c. Having the A/C wasn’t even an option at my age. My youngsters are the complete opposite, so I’m seriously considering shutting down the Heating and Air Conditioning system for a few days, just to let them know what it’s like. The only concern with this proposal is that now I have become undoubtedly used to the climate control as well, and I would have to go without the system too.

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