We have a great furnace

One should never take heat for granted, and even on the hottest of summer afternoons, you probably aren’t going to overheat and die, but on the coldest of winter days you could easily freeze and die. It’s a gloomy reality that thankfully almost everyone in America doesn’t have to worry about. But I am acutely aware and appreciative of the gift of heat, and I never take it for granted. I always keep extra comforters in the trunk of my car to provide away to homeless people on freezing afternoons. And no matter where I am, I always have at least three potential heating sources with me. This may sound ridiculous to you, but where I grew up, heating was not something you always had, and sometimes I only had a wood fire to keep me warm, and that was the only heating source I had to get by! I made my own mini wood furnace that was portable, so I didn’t have to huddle around a fire pit, but it was still a wood burning heating source. These afternoons I have electric space heaters, solar power section heaters, and a wonderful HVAC system. But I still always make sure to have a wood burning oil furnace handy, just in case. All these other oil furnaces require electricity to run, but periodically there isn’t any power, and good old wood and flame is a heating source you can always count on.

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