Really need to invest in a humidifier

A few years ago I moved from a rather tropical part of the country to a considerably arid a single. I was just ecstatic to get away from all of the extra humidity in the air. Even though uneven temperatures were similar in this up-to-date part to the a singles I had experienced in the previous region that I lived in, humidity level made a sizable difference. An 77-degrees afternoon felt much more good with less humidity then back where I came from, that’s for sure! The air quality just seems so much better. Then I started to deal with something I had not anticipated, however yes, the air was indeed drier, but that can come with a few complications of its own. I started to get chapped lips and nose bleeds, where I had never experienced such things before. My throat would also be seriously dry in the day. When I visited a buddy and I told them about these experiences, they instantly advocated  a humidifier. They said it was a practical must in this climate to have a humidifier to go along with your HVAC system. They explained that humidifying the air would give myself and others the relief that I desired. I was quick to go out and buy a humidifier. They were not wrong about how much better I felt, that’s for sure! With just the right amount of moisture in the air I did not have a dry throat or nose anymore. I also did not need to carry chapstick everywhere I went! I guess residing in a more arid region has its perks, but you still need a humidifier!

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