Greenhouse HVAC

Among the oldest trade practices used by man is gardening & growing food. Nowadays,  a lot of people grow exotic flowers & such. I always stick to growing things I can eat. This is traditional, & it makes me feel closer to the planet. I’m not saying there is anything wrong with growing flowers; I personally just don’t see the point of it… Different strokes for different folks, as they say.

              Weeks ago, I branched away from just growing veggies to start trying my hand at growing some herbs. To do it right I needed a greenhouse, of course, one set up for temperature control so I can give the herbs the best growing conditions. I did my research ahead of time, so that I knew what sort of air quality they needed, & the levels of temperature & humidity to make them do well. To be honest, I expected the HVAC plan for the greenhouse to cost a lot more than it did, so I took the leftover funds & purchased some solar panels for the outside of the building!

             Now my greenhouse is entirely “green” because the solar panels completely power the temperature control system. I am currently growing several different types of specialty herbs, with the temperature controls & humidity levels always set perfectly. If anything goes wrong, the smart thermostat messages me through the app on my iphone so I can go check it out personally. I can also remotely change the temperature control settings with the same app, even though I always like to check for myself before making any changes.

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