HVAC control in the kitchen


   While there is a fair amount of math involved, I still think that cooking is more art than science. Anyone can follow a recipe and make a dish, but it demands real creativity to invent your own recipes and create bold and flavorful up-to-date dishes. Thanks to a little bit of spare income, I have been lucky enough to pursue my passion for cooking over the last few years; It has been quite an experience, and I have discovered a few things along the way that help me greatly. Personally, I think that terrible smells can take a wonderful meal and make it taste like rubber, because the air quality can squash your taste buds before taking a bite!

            For this reason I make sure to have a terrific ventilation system in my kitchen to help keep the air clean and clear. In addition to the range hood over the stove I also have a box fan and a portable air filter in the bedroom; When they all work together, this helps to circulate the air and provide proper ventilation so the terrible smells do not pile up. Without the right ventilation system in play, my customers  will get a nose full of scorched oil before they get a mouth full of food, and it will affect the taste.

               I am not saying you need to invest major money into an advanced Heating & Air Conditioning system just for your cooking. That would be ludicrous, but without a great ventilation system, or at least a great air filter, your food may be awful.

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