Keeping the a/c on for my hair

I never thought that I would actually find myself enjoying life in the south. Having been born as well as raised in the north, I didn’t see the southern end of the country as worth my time or energy! I was pretty wrong to think the tepid and humid temperature would be more than I could handle, and I even thought people here would scare me! Obviously living in the south for about a year now has shown me the error of my ways. I can say that I have changed my mind completely. These days, I like my place of residence! What I actually appreciate the most is the semi-tropical environment, which never gets chilly in the winters. Even on New Years Eve, we can wear comfortable clothes without a single fear about being too cold or slipping on perilous ice patches! There’s one thing that is missing though – the regular dryness that comes with changing outdoor temperatures. I was accustomed to having a few months of ‘good hair’ days created by the chilly air. My hair gets weighed down with excessive airborne moisture here, but up north it would flow freely while staying neat all day long! Those were the days. Now, the winter air is just as humid as the summertime air! My hair never seems to get a break either. It’s weighed down, drenched with moisture and stuck to my forehead and face each day by the time I arrive at work. Enjoying living without ice and snow is good and well, but at what cost?

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