Need to crank up the heater for them

I love when my friends come into neighborhood to visit. It’s always a hoot to spend time with my boys! I absolutely get my kicks from showing them a great time. I moved over a year ago, but they’ve come down to see me a few times since I made the move. It thrills me to hear them say nice things about where I currently reside! One of the biggest crowd pleasers is to just have them come and take advantage of the superior weather conditions in this area! I previously lived in the northern midwest, which was nice during the summers – and that’s about it. The Wintertide season was as if mother Nature was always angry! The outdoor air temperature was basically never above zero. With windchill it hovered closer to -10 every morning! The wind as well as snow never stopped it seemed, so there were horrific ice storms that crippled the county each time it snowed. Where I live now on the other hand, it is always tropical weather all year long. Our coldest morning still feels like a sauna in comparison to where I was! When my friends come to see me, I can entertain my 4 friends without any central heat just like the other week. My pals pulled into the driveway just as I heard this sound from the furnace downstairs. Soon the house was cooling down, one degree per half hour. The thermostat didn’t seem to make any difference for hours, and I realized that the central heat wasn’t going to come back on. I didn’t have the cash to call a professional Heating plus A/C serviceman for repairs – not right now at least. Besides, I had no interest in ruining our fun weekend waiting for an emergency appointment! Luckily for and my wallet, my friends never even noticed the lack of indoor air quality or a running heating system for that matter. I love this weather!

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