A TV commercial for HVAC

My friends were enjoying cable with me the other day, as we all watch shows after school. It was nothing out of the ordinary, as we enjoyed some courtroom show where they constantly try to blame someone else for the “transgression”. I was enjoying some of the commercials as they showed up, when an ad for a local Heating and Air Conditioning contractor popped up. I did not notice anything strange at first, because I was barely paying attention to the Heating in addition to Air Conditioning commercial. When the ad popped up again later, this time I paid attention. I noticed that in the shot, they show someone working on an outdoor A/C unit that isn’t even plugged into something for power. In fact, the shot clearly shows that this guy is just pretending to turn a wrench against the side of a display A/C unit. They couldn’t just film someone actually repairing an outdoor air conditioning unit? I thought it was silly, but maybe it was intentional. For that reason, I was able to remember the name of that HVAC repair company without issue! Ironically enough, I called them to service my HVAC equipment the following week, and it was totally by accident. While the HVAC technician was tuning up my heating and A/C systems, I asked about the ad. He couldn’t help but laugh, as he said it was the best ad he’s seen for his company in years! I’d have to agree.

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