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I recently went to our local apple store to buy a new ipad last week… I had been shopping around for an ipad for quite some time as I needed to replace my old work tablet. I wasn’t sure where to get the best deal. I tried looking around online, but decided that my best option was to go into the store because apple was having a sale. When I walked into the store, I have to admit, it was much better than I imagined! I did not expect such amazing air quality plus a really fantastic heating system. The furnace was set legitimately moderate, just enough to where it was feeling really fantastic in there. Was not too hot, plus was not too cold. The temperature was just right! The air quality almost seemed like it was running through some kind of whole-house air purifier. I have an air purifier at my house, so I can easily recognize and appreciate clean air when I am in public. I ended up buying our new ipad plus was in plus out of there pretty fast. The buyer service was really helpful plus beautiful! I even made it a point to let the salesperson guess how impressed I was by their air quality, their heating plus air conditioner, plus their air purification plan that that in this appealing store. Most of the time, I don’t shop anywhere too fancy, so I was expecting to have to deal with poor air quality. It was a very pleasant surprise that this store was not like my past experiences shopping.

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