I stayed in bed much longer

Finding the right balance is actually difficult for me when trying to go to sleep! To get my temperature perfect takes a lot of trial and error, every single night. I always have the ceiling fan turned on high no matter how tepid or freezing it is in the room. I don’t care if it’s actually freezing. The ceiling fan stays on while I’m in bed. I need the thrum of it for background noise. Then I need to have a sheet and blanket just over half of me. Only one arm plus one leg have to stay covered because I sleep right under the air vent. I appreciate the feel of it when the Heating and A/C system pops on in the middle of the night. So I need to have all of these conditions met, and my heating (or during the summertime, the cooling) needs to be set just right before I can get any sleep at all. Thank God, for whoever it was that created the smart temperature control app for my PC. This thing is amazing, I can adjust all of my central temperature control settings for my Heating and A/C system through my PC. This means that even if I am already in bed, I can adjust my thermostat if I think it is either too hot or too cold, and I can do it from right where I lay. I tell you, having complete remote control over my Heating and A/C system has helped us stay in bed for much greater periods of time than ever before.

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