Need the HVAC filter strong

I have been touring with a pretty successful metal band for the last 6 years; they asked me not to mention them by name, though. I respect that, because at this point I suppose that the guys in the band and I are pretty great friends; living this metal band lifestyle is not what I would have pictured myself doing at this time in my life, but I really enjoy my work. I am even starting to like the songs, or at least hate them just a little less! How does a person become a permanent metal band roadie if he doesn’t even care for metal music? Well, there was more than a little luck involved in the whole thing. It started when the AC on their tour bus broke down, and then they randomly picked my name out of the phone book to come take a look at the AC. I was the only Heating and Air Conditioning tech willing to make a service call at 4 in the morning. So, I’m the one who got the gig. I got the AC on the bus up and running within a few minutes, and then before they left I told the band that I could help out with their stage act, as well. They have a lot of smoke blowing around in their act, and I told them the smoke and overall poor indoor air quality of the show sites could have long term damage on their lungs. For singers, superior air quality can be so crucial. I started setting up rudimentary ventilation systems for their stage shows, too. I used fans and air filters to make the stage mostly smoke-free for them. They liked my ventilation job so much they kept me on with them  permanently.

HEPA filter

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