Sheet metal in the HVAC business

I have a lot of tools for my trade. I actually work in the Heating & A/C equipment industry, plus every day is a current adventure plus a current job. I could wake up a single morning plus spend all day at the same property, but some installations will take close to seven hours, so that is an entire day. Some mornings I can go to work, plus I might be on many different jobs all day. I love that it varies, because I never have a boring day in the Heating & A/C equipment industry. The other week, the hot plus cold temperatures were totally cold, however the bunch of us were undoubtedly busy with a lot of heating repair calls. I was running multiple jobs everyday, plus I visited at least 3 dozen properties. During the busy week, I lost my number one pair of sheet metal cutters. It might be weird to have a number one Heating & A/C equipment tool, but the sheet metal cutters were a gift from my father. He was a furnace repair professional for his whole life. He spent a little time in the Army, plus he learned how to do work on heating, refrigeration, plus cooling equipment. My dad spent his whole life servicing furnaces, plus he had a number one tool as well. He gave me his number one tool, a pair of sheet metal cutters, when I finished the certification classes. I called every Heating & A/C equipment buyer in my appointment book, but nobody remembered seeing a pair of sheet metal cutters. I thought I left them at the grocery store, when I was repairing some ductwork setbacks. I finally made the decision to go to the grocery store plus look around. I found the cutters near the furnace.

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